With many DIY options, ready made big box store offerings or custom-made solutions, choosing the right awning can be a daunting process. 



Many of today’s options available online or through traditional big box stores offer a quick solution in smaller sizes, standard fabrics, self install and a limited warranty. These ready-made options are typically made from lesser quality fabrics and parts that can rust and eventually break down over time. Custom-made awnings offer a choice of frame colour, hundreds of quality fabrics, professional installation and a 10 year warranty. Making the right choice should be based on your needs, budget and level of comfort with installation. 



The biggest difference in a custom-made awning is the quality. The Awning Factory carries only products made in Canada that are made for our climate. Many quality made awnings are produced in the United States and imported to local suppliers but become inflated cost-wise due to factors such as shipping, duty, freight, brokerage and exchange rates. Custom-made awnings are made with only the best outdoor fabrics made specifically for our climate. Sunbrella and Sattler, 2 of the largest outdoor fabric mills in the world, both carry 10 year warranties. Powder-coated aluminum framework ensures a lifetime of maintenance free usage with no rust. Choosing your frame colour, picking your fabric and having your awning built right down to the inch means a product that is truly made for you and built to fit your outdoor space. Professional installation should always be included and coupled with a 10 year warranty, your custom awning will provide years of worry free enjoyment.



Starting with a visit to local showrooms is always the best place to start, but when choosing a company to work with a variety of factors come into play. Many companies in the awning industry have been around for decades and have showrooms, professionally trained staff and years of referrals to draw from, while others may operate strictly from a website or out of province. When making an investment it is always best to do your homework. Word of mouth is an invaluable tool for a company and checking with neighbours, family and friends and their experiences is always a good place to start. The Better Business Bureau does a good job of rating companies and reviewing complaints. User reviews are another good way of keeping companies honest as negative reviews are indexed right along with the good ones. Google, Houzz, HomeStars or Yelp are good places to find both reviews and complaints. Securing multiple quotes is always a good idea to see just how competitive local pricing is and many awning companies will match or better competitors estimates.



Whether you are looking for a quick fix or a long term solution a little research and homework can go a long way in taking the guess work out of the process. Feel free to email us any questions you may have as we are always happy to help. And to book a free onsite estimate, simply click on the link below.