Our customers are always impressed when they visit our showroom and see both the Royal Marcesa and Imperial Marcesa in person. So what exactly is the center beam and what does it do?

The Awning Factory has been carrying the Marcesa style awnings for over 20 years and in our mind no other awning has even come close to matching the Marcesa awnings in terms of strength and fabric tension. The Royal Marcesa and Imperial Marcesa are the only retractable patio awnings available with a center beam stabilizer that runs lengthwise giving the awning a “hip shape” when extended. This carefully researched design feature makes Marcesa models more spacious, stronger and more stable in the wind. The fabric is kept tighter as it runs over the center beam keeping the fabric taught and preventing sagging found in most traditional awning designs. The “hip shape” also offers a more effective shield from direct low sunlight. The increased slope on the front end of the awning ensures more headroom.

Visit our showroom today to see the heavy duty Marcesa awnings as well as our entire line of patio, window and pergola awnings.